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Create an Artist account and verify your identification.


Once approved by Art Tap Exchange advisors, post information related to the work including specific tags. Your art works will be matched with buyers based on your art tags!


Connect to your audience and introduce your arts. You can share your story with various people and message them through your Dashboard.

Apply to be an Art Tap Exchange Artist

We encourage you to apply as an artists of Art Tap Exchange! Please apply with a resume and a link to an online or pdf portfolio.

  • Application forms must be fully completed.
  • Artwork must be sized appropriately to be displayed.

Referrals for other artists

You can refer a talented artist to us by emailing us their portfolio at

Selection Criteria


Pieces must be original and show creativity and skill

Education Professional experience

Exhibitions, art fairs, art projects or art experiences


Is the artwork appropriate for diverse audiences? Artworks that include violence, racial/ gender/ sexual discrimination or nudity of underage models will not be accepted.

Equal Opportunities

Art Tap Exchange loves and supports art and artists. We ensures equal opportunities to all artists without regard to race, gender, age, national origins or sexual orientation. we endeavor to select and promote the qualified artists based upon experience, suitability, and potential.

Creating a profile

About page (mandatory) Link to profile page.

Notification Settings


You can remove yourself from select email notifications by clicking "unsubscribe" on an Art Tap Exchange email. You have the choice of receiving or opting out of the following:

  • Order details: placed, shipped and tracking details
  • Newsletters: interviews, events and other information about Art Tap Exchange art/artists
  • Social Feed and Blog: new posts

Push notifications

You can allow push notifications on your app to be notified instantly about account related activities.

Security & Password

Changing your username

You will find an option to change your username in your Profile under security settings.

Resetting your password

On the login page, enter your email address and click “reset password”. Check your email and follow the link to set a new password.

Security policies

Our terms and policies are available under Terms of Service. By accessing our website, you agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Uploading Art


  • $100 to $10,000 USD or CAD
  • Including the 25% Art Tap Exchange commission, the work on the website must not be sold at a lower price point elsewhere. See Terms of Use for details.


  • Framing is optional. Works can be included with and without frames. Please whether or not the frame is included when uploading your work.

Works permitted for selling

  • Pieces that can be shipped easily and require minimal or no guidance for installation are . These include paintings, photographs, prints, collage, and mixed media with little relief.


  • Tagging your work is important. This allows users to better find your work on the site. Include as many tags as you like about the subject, colour, genre, media used, style, emotions the piece evokes and anything you feel differentiates your work from the rest.

Tips & Recommendations

Packaging flat artwork

The tools you will need to package your artwork laid out on a white table.

Step 1


Step 2


Packaging & Shipping

Shipping Suppliers

We are working on a partnership with a shipping suppliers to get you discounts on shipping costs.


Specify and post your return policy for your buyer and artworks. Our recommendation of return is between 7-14 days upon delivery.


Place the tracking details for your buyer once your artwork is shipped.


Appropriate conduct

We provide a messaging platform to connect art enthusiasts like you to the artists you appreciate. There are certain policies and appropriate conduct that have to be maintained in order to make this a pleasant experience for everyone. Please refrain from being rude or using vulgar, language, sexually explicit content, hate speech or content that is threatening, violent or suicidal. See our Terms of Use for details.


You can report unethical behaviour by emailing us at See our Terms of Use for details.

Ethics & customer service

We expect our artists to follow guidelines will help us meet the highest level of customer service.

  • Please honor your processing and shipping times.
  • Respond to messages and queries in a timely manner.
  • State your policies clearly.
  • Try to work out disagreements or disputes directly with the buyer. If your buyer should open a case, this Help article explains how to work together to resolve it.
  • If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer and cancel the order.

Social media presence

  • tags and links back to art tap x
  • Posting on Instagram etc

For all other questions, please email: